About Us

Shortly after adopting her newborn baby in 2019, Sweet Peach Tree cofounder Kate shared with co-founder Tasha her frustration about the difficulties of finding high-quality hair and skin products for her Black daughter. On a continual quest for her own family with teenagers, Tasha shared that the challenge doesn’t end with age.

Both quickly became fixated on creating a joyful, authentic online shopping experience for mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and friends to come and find the beautiful hair and skin products they need while supporting current and future Black beauty industry stars.

And so, Sweet Peach Tree Marketplace was born.


Tasha Collier

Tasha Collier is one of the co-founders of Sweet Peach Tree Marketplace from Austin, Texas. Her love for beauty and entrepreneurship started at an early age which led her to become a licensed cosmetologist, by age19 she decided to become her own boss. After opening and successfully running her own salon, Tasha ventured into product creation in 2019.

Tasha’s goal with SPTM is to help uplift smaller black beauty brands and hopefully assist them in reaching their goals. Her love for black beauty inspires her to help promote and celebrate Black women-owned businesses.

Today, Tasha enjoys bringing quality, natural and effective products to Sweet Peach Tree.

Kate Shanahan


Kate Shanahan is the other co-founder of Sweet Peach Tree Marketplace from outside of Chicago. Entering the beauty industry as an editor-in-chief assistant for BRIDES Magazine, Kate learned the "ins and outs" behind the profession quickly. Many of the day-to-day tasks Kate achieved would ultimately be helpful to the startup of Sweet Peach Tree Marketplace.

When Kate adopted Emme she quickly realized the lack of access to natural high-quality beauty products for Black individuals. Kate wanted to help her daughter celebrate her beautiful hair while also learning how to maintain it herself. This resulted in the idea of Sweet Peach Tree Marketplace being born.

Family life is everything to Kate, especially when it comes to Emme. Her goal is to ensure that Emme gets to live her most authentic life with the best products at hand.

Why the NameSweet Peach Tree?

Kate’s daughter’s birthplace is Georgia (the peach state) and nothing brings a smile to our faces more than a deliciously sweet peach on a warm summer day. We hope to bring that same joy and satisfaction to you with every visit to our site.