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R. Drew Naturals, LLC

Plum Radiance Body Oil Serum

Plum Radiance Body Oil Serum

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Bid farewell to traditional lotions as this water-free body oil serum, with its gel-like consistency, provides a luxurious and non-greasy alternative.

Pure, deep, and long-lasting hydration becomes a daily ritual, leaving your skin rejuvenated and nourished. Ideal for everyone in your household, this Body Oil Serum transforms your skincare routine into a moment of indulgence.

Experience the enchanting fragrance of our product, a symphony of luscious sugar plums and the sophistication of white musk. The scent is elevated by the warmth of mulled citrus and delicately adorned with whispers of fresh greens. Immerse yourself in the exquisite allure that captures the essence of refined luxury. Net Wt 4 oz

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