Sweet Peach Tree Marketplace with Sweet Products to Match

Brand Spotlight

Inspired by Black families’ lack of access to quality, non-toxic beauty brands, Sweet Peach Tree Marketplace (SPTM) was founded in 2022 by Tasha Collier and Kate Shanahan. Sweet Peach Tree is an online marketplace offering high-quality natural beauty products from Black-owned businesses.

The mission of the marketplace is to connect small-batch product makers to beauty enthusiasts that value quality over quantity and celebrate the journey of self-love.

The Sweet Peach Tree purpose focuses on lifting up Black-owned beauty brands. Here's a look at one of our star brand owners.

  • Brown Butter Beauty

    by Christine Gant

Brown Butter Beauty is an artisan small-batch beauty lifestyle brand based in Brooklyn New York. The products are inspired by my deeply rooted love of nature and plant life. My herbal infused plant based self-care collection includes hair, body and skin care products. I use natural oils, roots, clays, botanicals, essential oils and safe fragrances sourced from around the world to create effective unique products with a spa feel. 

I started making hair and skincare products while working full time as a photographer. I shared my creations with family and friends and eventually started to sell my products at local craft fairs.  In 2007,  I started selling  online and received so much great feedback that I decided to expand my product line. 

It's my goal to create natural clean formulations but I'm not a purist.  I have established guidelines that carefully limits the amounts and manner in which fragrances  are used in my products. I only use fragrances at concentrations and conditions which have been shown to be safe according to the safety data sheets supplied by the ingredient manufactures. My products range from 90% - 100% naturally derived ingredients.

I don't use paraben preservatives of any kind.  Many of my products contain a natural preservative system that is lab tested for efficiency.

All ingredients and products are cruelty free.  I do not test our finished products on animals. I also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals.

I use recycled and recyclable materials in our packaging.I hope that you love the products as much a I love creating them!